With love and solidarity


I am incredibly grateful for your support throughout this campaign. Our movement saw over 200 volunteers knock 15,000 doors and countless hours spent talking to voters, researching and crafting progressive policy rooted in science, and building power for science, for workers in D4, and across Seattle.

Thank you. I am humbled by your support and your belief in what we have built together.

Evidence-based through and through, the math is not there for us to move on to the general election.

While this is not the result we hoped for, I ask you to join me and Team Emily in celebrating how far we’ve come and what we have accomplished together. Our people-powered campaign was resilient despite the influx of corporate money and anti-science attacks launched by the wealthy elite these last few weeks. In a city driven by technology and innovation, it is unfortunate to see our continued lack of scientific leadership in elected office, but I am hopeful to see more people from STEM backgrounds step forward when called to be leaders. We will continue to hold our elected leaders accountable to evidence-based policy deeply rooted in our collective human rights as we persist in fighting for our planet, for our home, and for our future.

With love and solidarity,