Press Release: Candidate for City Council Emily Myers Will Not Participate in Speak Out Seattle Events

Myers, a UW scientist running in the 4th district, rejects SOS approach, calling for policy rooted in accurate, evidence-based, data driven solutions for Seattle

Seattle – Seattle City Council 4th District candidate Emily Myers announced today that she will not participate in campaign events sponsored by Speak Out Seattle or Safe Seattle, including the upcoming forum on March 30th.

Myers is running for the seat currently occupied by Councilmember Rob Johnson, a district facing unique homelessness and affordability challenges. Myers, a scientist studying Parkinson’s disease at UW, a union organizer, and leader in multiple groups that advocate for scientifically informed policy in Seattle and Washington State, believes in evidence-based policies that center human rights for Seattle.

“Seattle is experiencing a homelessness crisis that is driven by multiple factors including high housing prices, an insufficient behavioral health infrastructure, and social & racial inequality,” Myers emphasized. “Groups that simplify the causes of this crisis, advocate for criminalizing homelessness, or divide our communities against people who are living unsheltered take our city backwards rather than helping address this public health crisis.”

“I have organized forums for elections in the past and value the importance of listening and having tough conversations. But as a scientist, I cannot in good faith participate in an event by a group that claims support for evidence-based solutions then builds alliances against many data-driven policies to help people struggling in our city,” Myers stated.

Emily Myers made the decision to run for Seattle City Council after the release of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming and the saw the need for scientific leadership in public office. The anti-science rhetoric that pits communities against each other was a key element in Myers’ decision to run.

You can learn more about Emily Myers and her people-supportive, data-driven campaign at