Seattle needs housing, safe and accessible transportation infrastructure, and programs to support health and well-being of Seattleites from birth through retirement. To do so, we need revenue and that means facing down the outsize influence of multi-millionaires and billionaires and ending corporate welfare. Its time to push through policies for working people and stop allowing outsized lobbyist influence.

Corporate Pay Inequity Tax

Big Business in Seattle continues to get rebates and tax exemptions, as cost of living soars. Some Seattle CEOs make 300 times the pay of the average worker, while many of our working class face an affordability crisis.

  • I support implementing a tax on businesses who pay their CEOs $1 million or more in annual salary.
  • This tax would raise critical funds to address homelessness and the housing crisis, while encouraging fair wage practices.

Support Worker Organizing

One of the best ways to reduce inequity in the workplace is to protect the collective bargaining rights of workers in Seattle. From unionized teachers, nurses, and master builders to non-unionized organizers like the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice and many in the gig economy — workers across our city are fighting for safe workplaces, fair pay, and better working conditions.

  • I will fight to expand worker protections, ensure prevailing wage contracts, and guarantee apprenticeship requirements in city contracts.
  • I will stand by workers, honor picket lines, and remain a dues-paying member of my union.

Municipal Banking

Our city has been dependent on large financial institutions with ties to predatory lending and fossil fuels for far too long. To finally separate ourselves from this, we need a municipal bank. The movement for municipal banking and divestment in our city has been led by indigenous people fighting pipelines and big oil, and we must follow their leadership to make a city with more just and equitable financial institutions.

  • On the Council, I will work to complete the business plan for the municipal bank and work to overcome legal barriers
  • Our municipal bank would provide low-interest loans to help immigrant, minority, and womxn-owned businesses
  • We must divest our city from banking which invests in fossil-fuels and non-renewables

My campaign is funded by you. We’re sustaining this race with small dollar donations, thousands of democracy vouchers, and support from labor unions. I will be accountable to the voters of my district, not to corporate PACs. I’ll have the courage to take tough votes and stand by my decisions because I’m not beholden to corporate money.