Seattle City Council has signed on to the Green New deal, but now we need tangible policies to achieve these goals. To implement a Seattle Green New Deal, we need both scientific leadership and collaboration with labor unions to build our city’s future.  I am the only candidate with both the scientific credentials and deeply rooted relationships to shepherd in a plan that transforms our local economy. My plan for climate justice in Seattle was built with input from climate scientists, organizers, and policy experts. We have a plan to protect our planet that creates jobs, builds community, and makes Seattle more affordable for all.

Just Transition for Workers

  • We must protect and support workers as we rebuild our economy.  
  • Implement “Green energy” apprenticeship programs that expand workforce diversity and provide good jobs
    • Expand the weatherization program to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency.
    • Electrifying our ports and transit systems
    • Build Green Social Housing.
  • Make Seattle a manufacturing hub for solar panels, organic electronics, and other technologies of our green future.

Congestion Pricing to Fund Free Transit

Seattle must disincentivize personal car use and incentivize multimodal transportation including public transit.

  • Offset costs of making public transit free within the city with congestion pricing
  • Reduce cars in center of the city to reimagine our urban centers as open, safe, and walkable spaces.
  • Create a progressive congestion pricing structure that protects working class folks who can’t afford to live in the city and people with disabilities

Expanding Transit for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Completing our transit goals will require collective action and imagination.

  • Shepherd the bike master plan to completion, using data driven analysis to prioritize arterial bike routes
  • Expedite completion of ST3 light rail plan and begin research for the next stage of light rail development
  • Add East – West bus routes in Northeast Seattle to ensure all communities can access new light rail stops.

Public Works for a Green Future

From public art to public housing, Seattle must invest in projects that meet our climate crisis head on, and that allow us to rebuild a positive and communal relationship with our earth.