Just Transition for Workers

As Seattle seeks to divest our city from coal, natural gas, and other non-renewable forms of energy, we must protect and support workers as we rebuild our economy.  I plan to build “Green energy” apprenticeship programs to train workers to meet green standards as well as support and diversify our unionized workforce. My proposed projects include construction of Green social housing, electrifying our ports and transit systems, and retrofitting homes and offices to meet clean standards. In public projects and through private partnerships, we can encourage apprenticeships that not only build these skills in the workforce but also guarantee a living wage, good benefits, job security, and increase diversity in the workforce.

Congestion Pricing to Fund Free Transit

To meet our climate goals, Seattle must disincentivize personal car use and incentivize multimodal transportation including public transit. Congestion pricing can offset costs of making public transit free within the City and can discourage unnecessary car trips. With fewer cars, I hope to reimagine our urban centers as open, safe, and walkable spaces.

Expanding Transit for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Completing our transit goals will require collective action and imagination. I will work with councilmembers to shepherd the bike master plan to completion, using data driven analysis to prioritize the bike routes which get the most traffic. I will also push for more East – West bus routes in Northeast Seattle to ensure all communities can access new light rail stops.

Public Works for a Green Future

From public art to public housing, Seattle must invest in projects that meet our climate crisis head on, and that allow us to rebuild a positive and communal relationship with our earth. To provide a creative vision for how we can meet these goals, I support using municipal art funding to produce climate art projects, which have been proven to empower communities to embrace change. We must update our existing infrastructure by restructuring leases to incentivize climate adaptations and by helping homeowners retrofit their homes — reducing emissions from the number two source in Seattle: buildings. Moreover, I plan to propose a large scale investment in social housing: mixed-income public housing that is affordable, meets clean standards, and is built around green spaces. Investing in social housing will also enable a more pedestrian friendly lifestyle and increase the walkability and safety of our communities.