As a renter who makes less than 50% of the median income in Seattle, I understand the challenges of finding affordable housing. Seattle needs more housing for low- and middle-income people. I will fight for more affordable housing across the board by passing equitable zoning reform, building publicly owned housing, and expanding tenant protections.

Equitable Zoning

Public Housing

  • Fund a study to determine the “where, how, and how much” for building publicly owned housing
  • Increase the supply of permanently affordable housing
  • Desegregate neighborhoods with mixed income public housing
  • Improve sustainability through green building practices
  • Pay for this by taxing big business through a corporate pay inequity tax and developer impact fees alongside money from regional bonding/levies.

Expanded Tenant Protections

Increased Support for Accessory Dwelling Units

  • I fully support ADU legislation to increase the number of units on a lot across the city – helping seniors age in place and increasing affordable housing stock.
  • Establish a fund to support people at risk of displacement to build an accessory unit on their properties
  • Improve the available online resources to help regular people become ADU landlords