We are running to be a voice for the workers of Seattle’s fourth city council district. I know that people do better when they have a living wage, safe and affordable transportation, a roof over their heads, and access to healthcare and education for themselves and their family.

  • As a scientist, I will bring my belief in evidence-based policy to city hall to propose and implement programs which are proven to help.
  • As a union member, I will represent all workers, bringing my experience addressing harassment, inequality, and unfair labor practices to city council.
  • As an organizer, I will make sure that the voices of the marginalized and minoritized people in our district are heard and amplified, creating more equitable policies.
  • As a renter in the district, I will be responsive to all constituents, visiting the neighborhoods and meeting residents from all backgrounds, bringing your concerns to city hall.

Let’s build a movement that makes Seattle a place for us all: teachers, ironworkers, caregivers, students, artists, programmers, waiters.