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“As a City Councilmember, I will fight for evidence-based policies, rooted in progressive values and serving all the people of District 4.”

– Emily Myers

Dignity and Opportunity

We support professionalizing jobs to build careers, expanding collective bargaining rights and supporting worker organizing drives. We must close the opportunity gap by investing in early education and interventions, and expanding access to childcare and affordable education from preschool through higher education.

Healthy Communities

We must address our homelessness crisis with compassionate, evidence-based approaches like low barrier supportive housing. We will develop harm reduction and community-based programs to protect & support those with substance dependency to protect the health and safety of all Seattleites.

Social and Racial Justice

We will challenge systemic injustices by building coalitions and joining movements with communities of color, immigrant rights groups, the LGBTQIA community, disability rights groups, and other organizations fighting for the rights of minoritized people.

Affordable Housing

We need new zoning for economic diversity and transit accessibility. We must build more affordable units and incentivize nonprofit developers to lower and stabilize housing prices for students, families, seniors, and low-income workers.

Climate Justice

My plan to meet our city’s climate goals begins with supporting communities most impacted by climate change. I plan to ensure a just transition for workers through Green energy apprenticeship programs, free and expanded transit funded through congestion pricing, and new construction of green social housing.

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No Corporate Money

Our campaign is funded through small-dollar grassroots donations and publicly-funded Democracy Vouchers. We pledge to not seek or accept donations from corporations and other big money interests.

MLK Labor

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“As a working scientist at UW researching Parkinson’s disease and a rank-and-file member of her union, Emily will bring evidence-based progressive policy to the Seattle City Council. With science actively under attack from the far-right, it’s never been more important to elevate powerful voices like Emily’s. We’re proud to stand with her because she’s the best candidate for the working-class in District 4.”

- MLK Labor

Teresa Mosqueda

Seattle City Councilmember – At Large Position 8

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“Emily is a coalition building, labor and working families advocate that we need on city council. Her background as a scientist and organizer is both impressive and imperative to bringing evidence-based policies to our city that will help all Seattleites thrive,” Councilmember Mosqueda said in a statement. “Emily’s dedication to centering human rights and smart policies on expanding childcare, worker protections, and affordable housing is what civil service is all about. I’m proud to endorse Emily Myers for Seattle City Council 4th District.”

- Teresa Mosqueda


- UAW4121

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